Children and Youth Groups

Please see the bottom of the page for a letter from Sunday Group Leaders, and registration forms for Sunday Groups!

These groups meet during Sunday services:

  • 0-2s = Kindling/Crèche
  • 3-5s (from when turn 3, plus Nursery & Reception) = Bright Sparks
  • Year 1 to Year 3 = Fire Lighters
  • Year 4 to Year 7 = Trail Blazers
  • Year 8-11 = Ignite
  • Years 12-13 encouraged to “stay in” for main sermon on Sunday morning (eg with a view to “university transition”) but could potentially join Ignite, depending on circumstances.

  • For more information please contact:

    Simon Bramwell

    Registration form for Creche/Seedlings/Thumbs Up

    Registration form for Kingdom Kids

    Application form for voluntary work with children and young people

    Safeguarding Information Pack

    Safeguarding Points of Contact

    What to do if you have any safeguarding concerns